Must See Places in Leicester

Leicester is a city unlike any other in the UK, there is an amazing range of visitor attractions and shopping that is top notch. Leicester is place that combines the finest of English traditions with multicultural affairs, as well as the buzz of city life. Find out car travel.

See our list of must see places.

The Great Central Railway

This railway is the UK’s only double track main line steam railway. You can visit here with friends and family during the weekend and bank holidays and experience the joy of seeing two steam trains passing each other – this railway is the only place in the world that you can see this.

Great Central Railway has won a number of awards, such as ‘independent railway of the year’, showing just how great it is at giving visitors an experience of a lifetime. See the history.

King Richard III Discovery Centre

This centre has the aim to tell locals and tourists about the outstanding search and discovery of King Richard III and was built where the remains were buried over 500 years ago. You and your family will have the chance of learning about the King’s life and death and what led to big events in our history. Click here for latest events.

The discovery centre will reveal one of the country’s greatest archaeological detective stories in history! The entire building is part of a regeneration project, with areas of green open spaces and artwork. See other attractions.

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Do you fancy a more of a country, traditional holiday? Well once you’re done visiting Leicester, you can travel up to Staffordshire, which is just over an hour away and pick up Finn which is a Scandinavian style campervan. There is no better way of exploring the countryside than this, and there is no need to pay for accommodation as Finn has it all and can sleep two adults. Continue reading.

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